Benchmarking: Reports

Performance statistics help companies determine where they stand vs. similarly situated organizations. The Benchmarking Report Center™ has group studies available.

In addition to the studies, you'll also recieve the eBenchmarking Newsletter. eBenchmarking is a monthly newsletter provided via e-mail. The newsletter is currently available at no charge. Subscription is available to individuals in corporations or governmental organizations who are involved with benchmarking.

The newsletter can be useful in supporting internal benchmarking efforts. Each newsletter includes a feature article about new trends in benchmarking, information about open studies and links to other benchmarking sites.

The Newsletter also contains information selected from more than 80 industry and process-focused associations containing:

Upcoming Events Networking Conferences Meetings Benchmarking Opportunities Studies; and Reports

Subscription is by application and is subject to qualification. Companies in the consulting industry and others likely to resell benchmarking data are not eligible to receive the newsletter.

If you are interested in receiving this monthly newsletter, please complete the application form. Your application will be reviewed, and, if eligible, you will begin receiving the newsletter via e-mail.

Studies from various associations include:

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